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Estilo Mercado offers exquisitely handcrafted products that would make you or your home stand out. We bring handbag fashion and garden furnishing a notch higher. These products are of good quality with unique designs that combine sensational style and everyday sensibility.

Complement that fab look with our broad collection of crafted handbags that are available in abaca, pandan, sinamay, and jute. Your home will also look exceptional with our diverse collection of home and garden furniture.

Each product is crafted with carefully selected materials. From the designs, patterns and colors, we give you style that’s truly ESTILO MERCADO.


An assortment of intricately handcrafted decorative pieces made to complement and improve the beauty of your garden and home…


Our classic designs never go out of style. We offer stylish, chic, and dazzling native handbags that fit your personality.


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